Analytics Studio
Get insights that matters with ad-hoc behavioural insights
Every business does marketing differently and fixed set of analytical insights doesn't always help. Growlytics gives you flexibility to build and measure your own metrics to measure KPIs that matter.
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Build insights that matters to your business with our analytics studio. A feature which allows you to build your own charts, giving you 360 degree analysis of any kind of marketing, sales, retention data.
Event Filters & Groups
Analyze events better with attribute filters and groups
Analyze your business events against event data. For example you can analyze purchase is being made by event data like amount, payment type, product category etc. You can also group them and compare like products purchased category wise and product purchased payment method wise.
Different User Segments
Compare events against custom user segments
Compare how your events are performing against different groups of user. For example you can analyze how purchase is happening in different city, devices and more.
Compare Different Events Over Time
Compare different events with custom criteria
You can also compare two different events with different criteria. For example, you can compare how add to cart and purchase are behaving.