Find bottlenecks in conversions and reduce drop-offs
Analyzing the customer journey is pivotal to conversion optimization. Using Growlytics, you can build funnels and understand how users are navigating in a defined path in your product and where do they drop-off.
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How funnels can be useful Marketers?
Funnels help you understand how users are successfully navigating a defined path in your product and where there is a drop-off. A funnel is a series of events that a user progresses through within your app, such as successful onboarding. A user is considered converted through a step in the funnel if they perform the event in the specified order.
Funnels with criteria
Analyze funnels with different criteria at each step
One conversion scenario doesn't always work. Growlytics allows you to build funnels with custom criteria to make sure all kinds of scenarios are covered.
Different User Segments
Analyze funnels across different customer segments
Different users follow different conversion paths. Do users acquired from Facebook convert faster than organic ones? Do users with a promotion code purchase more than the others? Segmented funnels allow you to restrict your funnel analysis to a particular segment of users.
Funnel Grouping
Split funnels and analyze them based on user beahviour
Split funnels by any event property or user profile property to quickly compare user paths across geographies, product categories, devices and much more.