Engagement Channels
Email Marketing
No bulk mails! Use data driven email marketing and increase lead conversions with beautiful, professional emails that look great on every device.
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Customers always use email — but stats show that nearly half of all emails are spammed or deleted before they’re ever read. Solution? Leverage customer context and data from all your customer interactions to send coordinated, compelling emails that earn attention and engagement.
Automation & Contexts
Reach users outside Your Apps with contextual and targeted emails
Be it promotions, up-sale, cross-sale, follow-ups. You can reach our to them with the combination of automation and contextual data to deliver emails that convert customers and truly define your brand presence.
Increase open rates and conversions with personalized emails
Personalized content can double your open rates. The key is sending content your users want to see based on journey they've taken and business context.
Segments & Campaign Responses
Do more with segmentation and earlier campaign responses
Build contexts based on customer journey, segments, business context and campaign resposnes. Create hyper personalized emails at scale.
Save Money, Use email composer
Craft messages which reflect your brand with our email composer
With our email composer, your messages will look great on every device. Use pre-built templates and customize them to match your unique brand. We have an intuitive drag-and-drop composer so there's no need to code.
Repots & Impact
Measure the impact
Analyze how push notifications as an engagement channel is working for you compared to other channels, and invest efforts and resource wisely.