Engagement Channels
Web Push Notifications
Increase the value of every web visit with relevant and personalized web push notifications.
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Common Web Push Use Cases
Automate messages go out when you publish a new article. Is the #1 Wordpress Push Plugin.
Automation & Contexts
Use automation, build contexts, build your brand presence
Be it promotions, up-sale, cross-sale, follow-ups. You can reach our to them with the combination of automation and contextual data to deliver notifications that convert customers and truly define your brand presence.
4x open rates and conversions with personalized notifications
Personalized content can quadruple your open rates. The key is sending content your users want to see based on journey they've taken, business context and campaign resposnes.
Rich Media
Create awesome messages with rich media support
Include images and improve brand identity by sending a preview of your new business or product offerings.
Repots & Impact
Measure the impact
Analyze how push notifications as an engagement channel is working for you compared to other channels, and invest efforts and resource wisely.