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Grow customer engagement and life time value with incredibly relevant and personalized push notifications at every lifecycle stage.
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Increase product adoptions
See how new products are adopted by your target audience, then discover ways to iterate and improve the experience. You can also measure how product usage correlates to account value, likeliness to upgrade, and more.
Identity bootlegger
Personalized content can quadruple your open rates. The key is sending content your users want to see based on journey they've taken, business context and campaign resposnes.
Educate customers
Know how and why customers retain so you can make updates to retain customers. Identify at-risk users and re-engage them with custom messaging before it’s too late.
Target users with geofencing
Create seamless online to offline experiences by engaging users with contextual, personalized notifications based on their location.
Measure the impact
Analyze how push notifications as an engagement channel is working for you compared to other channels, and invest efforts and resource wisely.