Product Analytics

Growlytics is the most advanced Analytics Platform for Product Intelligence. Create experiences customers love with 360º-view of behaviours across the customer journey.

Make data driven decisions

Growlytics helps companies use data to grow their business. Our customized and ad-hoc reports make it easy for teams to build reports that monitor KPIs and go deep in analyzing user behavior, so you can build better campaigns and products.

Deep Analytical INSIGHTS

Get a deeper understanding of diffrent customers behave. Get anaswers to questions like “how this year’s logins compare to last years?” and break them down by location, time duration or any other segment.

Empower Your Team To Be Data-Driven

Increase the number of data-driven decisions within your organization. Growlytics’s complete dataset gives your entire organization instant access to data they can trust and provides a tool to answer new questions in real time.

Reduce Time to Insight

Growlytics’s ad-hoc analytics provides everyone on your organisation with the ability to answer questions with data. Without engineering overhead, so your team can spend more time making decisions, not mucking around with data.

Prioritize Product  Features

rPrioritise your product roadmap by understanding customer’s interests and engagement at different level. Identify friction in product adoption, under-utilized features, and key features adopted across your customer base.

  • Analyse the customer’s interests and enagagement of newly added features

  • Identify bottlenecks in product adoption

    Find your next ideas for growth

    Understanding user’s behaviours on your product gives you a window to see which features customers are most spending time and which features customer find more value in.

    See, which features are and are not working with realtime insights. Analytze these insights for different group of users or segments to get better understanding. 


      Compare how different groups of users behave

      Understand how groups of users that matter to you differ in terms of behaviour, retention, churn, and more so that you can drive them to optimal action.

      Explore All Features

      User Monitoring

      Achieve business goals by monitoring user sessions with holistic and comprehensive diagnostics report.

      Error Monitoring

      Diagnose the root cause of issues and correlate multiple data sources from app to infrastructure in real-time.

      IoT Monitoring

      Monitor your IoT devices and get real-time errors with a detailed report.

      Uptime Monitoring

      Monitor application availability & maintain system reliability across full stack.

      API Monitoring

      Understand the behavior of each API execution with all details in your user’s context.

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