API Monitoring

Instrument your entire system environment in minutes. Track every information flow across all your web apps and micro services at customer level.  Get details of how your micro services are behaving at customer level.

Instrument product in customer’s context

From the frontend to the infrastructure layer. Growlytics captures insights accross all stacks of your product in customer’s context. Be it sales team, product team, business team or tech team, Growlytics brings everyone to same page.

API & Microservice analysis

Analyze your entire system environment in minutes. Track information flow across all mobile & web apps and micro services at customer level.

API instrumentation

Instrument invididual APIs in terms of your customer. Capture every execution of api including request data, customer info and other information.

Debug apis having error

Every issue counts. Monitor each API facing error with 80% execution insights, enough to debug and resolve issue in minutes.

API & Micro-service Insights

To have confidence in the reliablity of your APIs, you need more than infrastructure health metrics. Understand behavious of each API execution with all the details available in customer’s context.

API Instrumentation

Instrument individual api execution. Get http request body, headers sent, other APIs being called for that customer’s visit and all the actions customer taken which led to the API execution.

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User Monitoring

Achieve business goals by monitoring user sessions with holistic and comprehensive diagnostics report.

Error Monitoring

Diagnose the root cause of issues and correlate multiple data sources from app to infrastructure in real-time.

IoT Monitoring

Monitor your IoT devices and get real-time errors with a detailed report.

Uptime Monitoring

Monitor application availability & maintain system reliability across full stack.

API Monitoring

Understand the behavior of each API execution with all details in your user’s context.

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