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Gynoveda sees over 15X conversions after partnering with Growlytics

Find out how Gynoveda was able to integrate its 3 business units with Growlytics using an Insights-led Omnichannel approach to engagement, thereby resulting in an overall uplift in performance

About Gynoveda
Gynoveda is an ayurveda healthtech startup with a vision to combine Content, Technology, Ayurveda medicines ready-to-buy online for women to experience healthy periods, lifelong!
Growlytics has been quite satisfactory for our customer experience needs. Using Growlytics, we have witnessed an adequate jump in our cart recovery and repeat orders.
Vishal Gupta
CEO, Gynoveda


Gynoveda wanted to provide personalized onboarding to all their buyers and wnated to track progress of the health after buying poducts. Gynoveda also wanted to implement product specific conversion and retention strategies.
Product based personalized onboarding
Based on product purchased, gynoveda wanted to connect consumers with doctors and track the progress of consumers after using their products.
Increase in abandoned cart recovery
Gynoveda was looking to boost abandoned cart recovery with omni-channel product based followups.
Product specific retention strategies
Having less number of products, gynoveda wanted to keep the retention strategies different for different products purchased.
Deep Integration Options With Shopify
Need to sync all customer data, activities, purchase histories and after sales activities like orders being delivered/cancelled etc. to provide personalized communication.


Needless to say, Gynoveda was looking for all-in-one marketing automation solution which can provide both omni-channel marketing with Customer Data Platform.
Using Growlytics platform, Gynoveda employed a four-fold strategy to remedy Gynoveda’s data, sales and e-commerce optimization challenges. This was acheived by crunching analytics through Growlytics's deep integration with Shopify platform. With Growlytics's omni-channel marketing capablity, and advanced marketing automation journeys, Gynovea was easily able to acheive the goal of personalized onboarding, abandoned cart conversions retention strategies and much more.