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D2C - Fashion

Kanelle drove 40% of online revenue using a data driven omnichannel approach

Kanelle unites email, SMS and WhatsApp in a single dashboard for a more engaging customer experience that drives nearly 40% of all revenue.

About Kanelle
Kanelle is a leading online fashion label in india selling crafted premium clothes for women, both offline and online.
Growlytics lets us experiment with what channel works best for different audiences and different messages.
Aditya Sibal
Founder, Kanelle


Providing luxury buying experience
Lack of an unified, clutter-free omni-channel marketing solution
Poor conversion rates compared to website visits
Understanding customer behavior – reading cohorts on repeat purchases, retention rates, etc.


Using the Growlytics, kanelle team decided to implement their purchase funnel-based end-to-end customer engagement strategy to provide personalized buying experience,implement pro-active retention strategies and reduce abandoned cart drop-offs. This involved Funnel Segmentation, Personalized Engagement & Omni-channel journey campaigns.