Conversion Rate Optimization

Understand and optimize your funnels for better on-boarding, activation, trial, and purchase conversion. Build products that convert users into paying customers.

Improve Your Team’s Productivity

Get from question to insight quickly with Growlytics’s innovative approach to data collection. With access to auto-captured historical data, you always have the data you need to build your hypotheses and interpret your experiments’ results.

Increase Data Access within your organization

With growlytics’s ad-hoc reporting feature, you can build and share the data with customized and role based dashboards. Eliminate cycle of passing data from data scince team to starategy team, give everyone within organization freedom to be  data scientist.

See how customers churn

Reduct dropoffs on your business funnel and create better customer experience by  identifying and optimizing your web apps. Identify dropoff in key customer’s journey to maximize the impact.

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    User Monitoring

    Achieve business goals by monitoring user sessions with holistic and comprehensive diagnostics report.

    Error Monitoring

    Diagnose the root cause of issues and correlate multiple data sources from app to infrastructure in real-time.

    IoT Monitoring

    Monitor your IoT devices and get real-time errors with a detailed report.

    Uptime Monitoring

    Monitor application availability & maintain system reliability across full stack.

    API Monitoring

    Understand the behavior of each API execution with all details in your user’s context.

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