Evolution of Error Logs

Software development practices are evolving, which changed job titles, framework and implementation frequency. However, many organizations still swear by outdated logging methods to find errors. Logs are rendered by eye or queried with another tool to find errors. Whereas logs also add overhead to your applications in terms of lines of code and performance. Monitoring errors through logs isn’t automatic, real-time reported, or actionable. Finding errors through logs is now becoming an outdated process. The evolution and the best-suited alternative of logging for debugging are to use an error monitoring tool.

In modern dev toolkit, error monitoring tool plays one of the most essential roles. Error monitoring tools capture issues automatically without any instrumentation. Most of the organizations are using error monitoring tools instead of finding errors with logs.

Application of Error Monitoring tool

It has become very easy to integrate and use error monitoring tools these days. Within 15 minutes, you can install error monitoring library into your code, setup API key and you’re good to go. The library hooks into the native exception handler of the language. Integrating error monitoring tools will give you the root cause analysis of the error. 80% of the information required to resolve the error is provided by these tools. Important data like the line of code, stack trace, HTTP information, Request data are provided for in-depth analysis to debug errors.


With the help of detailed report, you can prioritize and track fixes without needing to write any code or any complicated SQL queries. Issues faced by users might be only a fraction of the problem, maybe the tip of the error-berg. Digging through logs or trying to recreate bugs with inadequate information is simply a waste of time.

Error monitoring tool enables to see every error that a user has run into, without compromising the user’s security. The cause due to which the issue preceded can be monitored with breadcrumbs of application from client-side. But resolving error before they are being reported is the next step forward in quality development. Prioritize the errors accordingly and resolve it quickly with a monitoring tool, before any user has a bad experience.

Due to the customization of logs to find errors, many people are still using it. Most of the people don’t realize that same level of customization to error reports are available with error monitoring tools. Based on your requirements, receive a targeted error report according to your application’s errors. It will help you to debug errors more conveniently.

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