Error Monitoring

Intelligent error tracking that helps developers and management team monitor and fix errors with real-time alerts and detailed diagnostic reports.

Fix bugs with all data in one place

Find root cause in minutes. We provide customer actions, API insights, IoT devices, and all other session details in one page to make sure you have every detail needed to resolve the error.

Real-time Stablity insights

Get real-time error insights & error alerts to be aware of errors as they appear. Use fingerprinting to improve you signal-to-noise ratio, so you won’t miss what matters.

In-depth root cause analysis

Get stack trace and all the data you need to debug, including request params, local values, browsers, IPs, and more. Also get browser events leading up to an error.

Users & sessions affected 

Don’t just view how many errors you application has, but also which specific users were affected. Add in custom data and user information for faster debugging.

In-depth Root Cause Analysis

Get all data including error stack-trace, HTTP request data like url, headers, body, cookies etc. Also monitor your IOT devices if errors are occuring in your IOT devices. 

  • Get details like Line of Code, Stack Trace
  • Get HTTP information and request data
  • Get detailed browser information
  • Get customer data like location etc

Assess Users & Sessions Affected

Stop wondering which all customers were affected due to the error. Get list of customers which are experienced the issue and actions customers taken which led to issue.

  • Get list of customers facing the issue
  • Analyze journey customer took which caused issue
  • Acquire list of users affected by an error
  • Get number of sessions disrupted by an error

Real-time Stability Insights

Get in-dept stability insights into customer details & actions, API input and API logs are enough to resolve any kind of errors in minutes.

  • Get historical insights of issue occurrence
  • Track individual issue over period of time
  • Manage issue status and issue owner

Instant Issues Alert

Get realtime notifications on different channels like email, sms, slack, hip chat, Github,  pager duty  etc.

  • Get alerts on Email, Slack, Jira, Github etc.
  • Smart alerting for repeating issues
  • Customized notifications to make sure only important issues are notified.

Explore All Features

User Monitoring

Achieve business goals by monitoring user sessions with holistic and comprehensive diagnostics report.

Error Monitoring

Diagnose the root cause of issues and correlate multiple data sources from app to infrastructure in real-time.

IoT Monitoring

Monitor your IoT devices and get real-time errors with a detailed report.

Uptime Monitoring

Monitor application availability & maintain system reliability across full stack.

API Monitoring

Understand the behavior of each API execution with all details in your user’s context.

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