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Visually build and deliver cross-channel messages based on your customer’s persona and past behaviour. Automate it all with easy to use drag drop journey designer.

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Multiple Marketing Channels

Send messages on multiple channels.

Send personalised and contextual messages via Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Push Notifications & many other channels.

Segment Builder

Pre-built workflow templates

Use pre-made automations built for e-commerce to get started quickly.

Cart Abandonment

Recover abandoned carts with pre-built workflows with timely emails, WhatsApp, SMS, and social media ads.

Product Abandonment

Reach-out to visitors who are just browsing products and not making any purchases.

Welcome Series

Encourage visitors to become a customers. Send them personalized messages welcoming them to your brand!

Order Confirmations

Send an order confirmation and COD confirmation messages over WhatsApp, SMS or an emails right after they make a purchase.

Shipping Confirmations

Send shipping confirmation and delay messages via SMS, Emails, Whatsapp and other channels.

Cross-sell Products

Suggest more recommended products based on your customer's purchase history and product interests.
Analytics & Reports

Advanced automation reports

Measure performance and revenue generted by the workflow. See live view how user moving along in different steps of workflow. Identify the dropouts and revenue loss and optimize workflows further. 

Segment Builder

Build Complex Automations And Create

Personalized Experiences

Build personalized experience by analyzing customer's interests and pro-actively send effective messages on different makreting channels.

Cross-Channel Journeys

Reach-out your customers on 6+ channels in a single journey. Engage your users on a channel they are reachable on.

Pre-built Journey Templates

Use pre-built journeys which are industry standard. Get your journeys up and running within minute

Performance Reports

See how your users are moving in a journey. Identify drop-offs to optimize the journeys further.

Personalized Campaigns

Send personalized and contextual messages using customer's past behaviour and persona.

Behaviour Based Flows

Trigger workflows based on behaviours like not making purchases in a month or interested in a category etc.

Act On Campaign Response

Trigger workflows based on customer response on campaigns like when email opened, link clicked etc.
Single platform for all our Shopify needs

Growlytics gave us a unique opportunity to do data-driven marketing and retention on 5+ channels for our platform. Earlier, It was very tedious and expensive to use different apps for different marketing needs. With Growlytics, we were able to unify all our marketing efforts into a single platform and get better at managing KPIs.

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