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Convert visitors to contacts with  popups & layouts

Convert more customers from your existing traffic using Growlytics’s on-site popups, forms and start messaging them manually or with automation.

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Trusted by growing businesses

Signup Forms

Grow your customer base with popups & flyouts

Onborarding new customers or retaining loyal customers? Choose use case specific responsive on-site displays. No coding required!

Segment Builder
When & Where

Show messages at the right time when customers are engaged.

Use Triggers & filters like on which all pages to show the form and when to show the form like at page load or as exit intent or when user performs a particular action.

Segment Builder
Only Targeted Customers

Show messages to segment customers

Treat visitors differently with targeted forms. Show discounts and offers to customers that haven’t purchased recently, or don't show discount pops to loyal customers. Use advanced segments to show popups to only specific customers.

Segment Builder
Analytics & Reporting

Analyze & optimize conversions

Get detailed performance report of your popup forms. Analyze the views, click rate, conversion rate, and close rate. 

Segment Builder
Other Popup Features

Create personalized experience, for every customer.

Pre-built Themes & Templates

Pick any one of pre-built themes, and modify it according to your branding needs.

Popup Builder

Easily create beautiful and branded forms with drag & drop editor. Customise form input, buttons, thank you section and more.

Targeted Segments

Use segments to show popups to only customers who haven’t purchased lately, or hide new signup forms from customers who recently purchased.

Custom Display Rules

Whether you’re collecting emails, phone numbers, or both, Klaviyo helps you stay compliant.

Mobile Optimized

Forms are mobile responsive and provide the best views to your mobile visitors.

GDPR and TCPA compliant

Growlytics makes sure you stay compliant whether you’re collecting emails, phone numbers, or both.

Trusted By Growing Businesses

Single platform for all our Shopify needs

Earlier, It was very tedious and expensive to use different shopify apps for different marketing needs. With Growlytics, we were able to unify all our marketing efforts into a single platform and get better at managing KPIs.
Chaitsi Ahuja
Brown Living

Great upgrade from mailchimp

Growlytics's shopify integration is just awesome. Earlier we had tons of limitation like using our local sms vendors and all. With growlytics, we own our marketing stack.
Vaishnavi Nagrajan
The Nestery

Amazing for automations & integrations

Growlytics's automation suite is at next level compared to traditional automation platforms. It's focused more on e-commerce and integrates very well with industry's essecial platforms like, etc. Love'd the way omnichannel offering is provided in the same platform.
Aman Sharma
And Me

Awesome segmentation & personalization

Being in medical business, we wanted to connect customers with our doctors for personalized guidelines for each medicine they buy, all automated. Growlytics has the best customer data platform to identify different group of customers based on their past behaviours, with integrated omni-channel automation suite we needed.
Elvis Quadros

Simple and intituve platform

Overall, Growlytics is easy to use, even as a beginner. The support team help center is also beneficial, and you can see most of common how-tos with good videos there, so no need to ask support team.
Devam Srivastava

Very robust and open for integrations

Growlytics's out of box integrations with shopify, review, cashback and loyalty platforms is simply amazing. In addition to that, we can integrate our own offline systems and use different vendors for email, sms and whatsapp. Very simple, efficient, open and robust platform.
Rohan Chowdhury
Chemist At Play