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Improve your targeting with  rich customer segments

Maximize your ROI by grouping your users and defining different marketing strategies tailored to each segment.

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Segment Builder

Easy to use segment builder

Growlytics's segmentation is robust and easy to use. You can combine multiple rules, choose from a variety of filters and narrow down targeting.

Segment Builder
RFM - Customer Lifecycle Stages

Treat customer differently based on their life cycle stage

Get clear understanding of your customers based on their purchase behaviour. Identify which segments needs re-engagement and build retention strategies for lost customers.

Segment Builder
Segment Entry Exits

Followup cusotmers when enter or exit segments

Keep track of when customers are leaving or entering the segment. Run workflows and implement retention strategies when customer leave or enter different segments.

Segment Builder
Programmatic Ads

Target segments on social media ads

Integrate your ad accounts with growlytics and sync your segments with add account. Build target audiances on ad accounts using past activities and customer data like demographics and other attributes.

Segment Builder
Real-time & Dynamic Segments

Create segments rich customer profile and behaviour

Create segments based on real-time data about your customers and their behaviours like products they view, add to cart, purchase etc.

Segments Using Customer Attributes

Segment customers based on attributes like average order value, total spent, total orders, city, gender, last activity time etc.

Segments Using Acquisition Sources

Treat customer differently based on from which marketing channels and ads they came from like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Ad etc.

Segments Using Past Activities / Events

Segment customers based on customers performing or not performing certain activities. Like customers who din't purchased this month but made purchases this year.

Segments Using Device Profiles

Segment customers based on devices like Mobile, Desktop, Tablet etc. Segment them based on browser they are using while visiting your site.

Segments Using Location

Segment customers based on geography like City, State, Country, Postal Code, Lattitude, Longitude etc.

Segments Using Channel Reachablity

Segment customers based on whether they are reachable on email or SMS or WhatsApp or Push Notificaitons or any other channels.
Single platform for all our Shopify needs

Growlytics gave us a unique opportunity to do data-driven marketing and retention on 5+ channels for our platform. Earlier, It was very tedious and expensive to use different apps for different marketing needs. With Growlytics, we were able to unify all our marketing efforts into a single platform and get better at managing KPIs.

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CEO, BrownLiving