We’re excited to announce our first-class support for the Asp.Net Mvc framework for C# applications. If you currently use Growlytics with your NodeJs or Php applications, we recommend try Growlytics for your Asp.Net Mvc applications as well. 

Instructions to integrate Asp.Net Sdk with your application are given on documentation page.

After intergation, Growlytics will give you real time visibility into your errors and api executions in production. It also captures browser sessions, customer details, API request data like body, headers, cookies etc from your app so you can solve errors faster.

Sample screenshots of error monitoring dashboard for Asp.Net Mvc exceptions are given below.

API Monitoring

The main reason for monitoring your applications is to stay up to date and predict any issues if they can occur. With API monitoring, you know when things are heading in a dangerous situation. With API monitoring you get birds eye view of API usage. With these insights you will be assured of stability of API usage and get to know what all APIs are failing.

Debugging API errors with execution details

With API monitoring, you can see what all APIs are failing. If you drill down to that API, you will get list of all the failed API executions. If you click on execution details, you will see detailed execution insights for given API failure including error details, customer details, request info, execution time, response content etc.


Session insights for c# errors

In addition to error stacktrace, it is often required to know what exactly customer did which caused the error.  Growlytics provides all customer’s actions, browser insights, and other APIs executed for given session so that you can resolve the issue in no time.

With session insights, you get to know what all customers were facing the same issue, and list of all customer’s sessions.