What’s Uptime?

To obtain the optimal level of operational efficiency, the system should be functional and accessible ‘most of the time’. The duration for which a single page is loading flawlessly, without any interruption is termed as Uptime.    

The web is the place where usually most of the customers reach to inquire or buy the product. A ceaseless web presence is an absolute necessity for success. Consider your website as a physical store. When customers visit your store but find it closed or face any kind of in-efficiency during the buying process, you won’t make any revenue. Along with this, they might turn up to the competitors, which may hurt in the long run.

To get a deeper look, the user experience is determined by the working and accessibility of the website. Lower availability of the website generates a negative impact on the business.  Whereas, highly reliable websites stimulate page ranking and SERP, helping to increase the impressions and traffic.

How to keep up with Uptime?

Now you might be probably wondering how to monitor your website’s availability and make it upright to be on deck for your potential visitors at any point of the day!

With Uptime Monitoring, keep track of all the segments of your online operations and in case of failure, minimize expensive downtime by providing timely alerts. The Uptime Monitoring tools empower every business owner, online entrepreneur and users to achieve amazing visibility and gain an edge over the competitors.

Here are the three ways through which you can keep up with Uptime.

Instant Alert

One might instantly want to know when their system goes down. With so much of complex websites and APIs, its difficult for the technical team to manage them independently. To ease the pressure and simplify the procedure, Growlytics provide the built-in flexible real-time alert. At the time of outages or slowness of the system, get a custom option to be notified instantly through Email, SMS, Slack, Jira etc.


Public Status Page

Let your visitors know about your past and current availability. Publish incident messages into your status page and gain access to the full history of response time and uptime status. Customize the status page according to your needs, show historical uptime data and response time graph.  Growlytics provide the public and private page of the website to maintain the transparency, which helps in building the confidence and trust with the customers.

Detailed report

Through holistic and comprehensive report get weekly/monthly insights into your system’s health and take actions accordingly. The detailed report has each and every data needed to monitor and improve your website. Growlytics also provide root cause analysis of the downtime to resolve it instantly.

Below are the features provided for website monitoring by Growlytics.

  1. Total down servers or sites in last filtered period time 3 hours/ 3 days or a month
  2. Detailed down the timeline for each site/ server/ micro-service
  3. Response time graph of each monitored sites, server and micro-service
  4. Detailed status changes of each site based on the time filter

If you do business online, you just can’t ignore your Uptime. Be 24x7 available for your customers by instantly monitoring your website availability and reliability with Growlytics.