Organizations invest a huge amount in marketing and paid promotions to generate traffic on their website, which may eventually lead to conversions. But regardless of the efforts put on the marketing, people bounce off the website without doing any purchase/business. The Sales & Marketing team would never know the reason behind this. Either Management team would blame Tech team or vice versa for the high exit rate. Subsequently, the real reason for the dissatisfied potential customer would never be known.

What if, Management team would be able to track each and every visitor’s actions? What if, Marketing team and Tech team would come to know where did they lack? What if, organizations can track issues before their customers lodge complaints about it? Nevertheless, all of this is possible by monitoring your website.

Usually, people think that monitoring website from front-end to the back-end is simply a task of the tech team. They might think right because rarely any monitoring tool’s UI is user-friendly (accessible to other than developers). Easy-to-understand and user-friendly access to the monitoring tool would overcome the following problems, for sure!

  • Slow coordination between teams to discuss the issue


  • Not all teams have product usage insights


  • Developers keep asking other teams regarding the issue


  • Lack of consolidated monitoring for all teams

All the above problems can be resolved by Growlytics. The smooth and easy navigation helps the management team to track each and every visitor’s activities, spot issues if the visitor faced any, and follow up to retain them.

Automated customer profiling feature of Growlytics plays a major role here. User’s profile is created automatically to see their journey and issues they have faced throughout the session, so that the marketing & sales team can target their audience easily. For the development team, Growlytics provide root cause analysis of the issue to figure out the real problem behind it and to resolve it within a few seconds. This will maintain good coordination between all the teams of an organization.

Thereby, say no to misunderstanding and overcome the lack of coordination among cross-functional teams with Growlytics by signing up for free.