According to the sources, in 2017 e-retail sales accounted for 10.2 percent of all retail sales worldwide. This figure is expected to reach 17.5 percent in 2021. E-commerce is growing at an unprecedented rate across the globe. Keeping track of all the transactions and users is a big challenge in itself.

Consider millions of customers reaching your website to shop, they will be performing every single activity from landing page, selecting their desired item, adding it to the cart and henceforth making the final payment. No doubt, all the mentioned steps should be glitch-free to decrease the exit rate and to make the business profitable.

At the same time, if a customer faces any issue while navigating between the pages, it would lead to the bad impression of the website. For top-notch user experience, it is essential for the smooth functioning of the website. Keeping track of each and every user’s activity and resolving issues if they face any, would diminish the difference between the e-commerce industry and its users in terms of digital experience.

User Monitoring to Improve User’s Digital Experience

User Monitoring is the key solution to monitor users activity and simultaneously keeping your website issue free.  It’s quite easy to strengthen application stability and performance by getting real-time insights into end-user interaction through user monitoring. The data from User Monitoring helps to determine whether or not the end-user experience is hindered and shows how users will actually interact with your application.

With Growlytics, User monitoring allows you to capture live sessions, trace a user experience, across several tiers, know what the customer has clicked, and see the malfunctioning pages. It yields both the individual visitor data and the aggregate reports. The visitor data is useful for diagnosing issues with the pages and show if all users all experiencing similar problems, or if it is the only single user affected. The aggregate looks at the calculation that gives a broad view of the application’s performance as a whole.

To make it more comprehensive, here are a few of Growlytics’s user monitoring features

Instant Issues Alerts

It is impossible to manually track every issue that your website and the user is facing. The error might be javascript error or backend server error. We are integrated with different channels like Email, SMS, Slack, hip chat, Github, pager duty etc. to notify in real-time, so that instant actions are taken to resolve those issues. Error Alerts are smart and customized to make sure only important issues are notified.

Analyze Every Visit

Monitoring allows operators to visualize what users are clicking, live sessions, behavioral flow and faulty web pages. These pieces of information can then analyzed and put into a report so that the operator may troubleshoot or fix issues quickly. Trace your customer’s activities from the landing page to exit page, monitor every single step your user has been to and improve your product just by watching a timeline of their actions.

Rich Customer Profile

Pinpoint a user and by detailed automated profiling feature, track the problem they have faced in past throughout the lifetime for all historical visits. All the demographic details of users, session details, issues details are given so that you can prevent the issue in the near future again.

Gain complete diagnostics insights and align your website according to the data provided by user monitoring. Make sure your target audience go smoothly through a step-by-step flow or funnel until they make a purchase on your site.