Stay ahead of customer's expectations.

Get real-time insights of how customers are using your product and what all issues they are facing.  A perfect platform for software-driven businesses to increase customer experience and innovate faster.


Full-stack Product Debugging & Analytics

From loading site to batch processing actions, get hassle-free debugging insights across all tech stacks on a single platform. No more jumping between tools.

User Monitoring

Achieve business goals by monitoring user sessions with holistic and comprehensive diagnostics report

Error Monitoring

Diagnose the root cause of  issues and  correlate multiple data sources from app to infrastructure in real-time

IoT Monitoring

Monitor your IOT devices and get real-time errors with a detailed report


Uptime Monitoring

Monitor application availability and maintain system reliability across full stack

API Monitoring

Understand the behavior of each API execution with all details in your user’s context

Build customer first products

From the front-end to the infrastructure layer, maintain insights of all information at the browser, mobile and server level. Ensure each tap, swipe, or click is flawless by tracking every business transaction.


  • Detailed insights of your user’s application usage

  • Track information flow for each user session

  • Analyse all your APIs across each session

  • Prevent any potential recurrence faced by your user

Resolve issue in minutes

Growlytics provides 80% of the required information on a single page to make sure that you don’t waste time on what & how the issue was raised.

  • Get line of code, stack-trace, request data etc. 

  • Get your user’s activity which led to the issue

  • Discover who all were affected by the listed error

  • Get API insights of error – request data, headers etc.

  • Analyse the frequency of raised errors


Instrument APIs & Micro-services

Instrument your entire system environment in minutes. Track every information flow across all your web apps and micro services at customer level.

  • API usage & analytics of site traffic. 

  • Get detailed  API execution details (data, customer etc) 

  • Discover the failing APIs and the frequency of it

  • Get API insights of error – request data, headers etc.


Monitor IoT devices in real-time

Keep a regular check on your IoT device’s health. Ensure seamless functioning of your IoT devices with in-dept analysis and detailed report.

  • Real-time smart and customized alert in case the device faces issue
  • Track device status in real-time, like online/offline status or consumption levels.
  • Get a list of affected customers due to IoT device issue
  • Examine which issue caused how much damage to the device.


Maintain 99.99% website availability

With website uptime monitoring, make sure that your website is available and reliable for your customers at any point of the day. Handle outages instantly.

  • Run a trace route of the issue and examine server response codes.
  • Get uptime graph, response time graph, customizable status page and historical uptime data
  • Gain access to full history of response time and uptime status
  • Instant real-time alert at the time of downtime


From Our Clients

Teams rely on Growlytics to deliver high quality software

“Growlytics is really helpful on making sure the product is up and running. With intelligent error tracking system, we are able to solve customer issues pro-actively.”

Chirag Gehlot

VP Engineering, Smaaash.

“Growlytics allow us to be ahead of our customer and fix the issues before they know something is wrong.”


Aslam Siddhique

Senior Project Manager, Intelegain.

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