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Reach-out customers on 6+ messaging channels

Maximize your ROI by grouping your users and defining different marketing strategies tailored to each segment.

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Email Marketing

Contextual & Personalized Emails

Engage users with personalized emails at the right moment and increase your brand loyalty. Build beautiful emails using our templates and a drag & drop email editor.

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SMS Messaging

Reach a offline customers with SMS messages

Use SMS to engage users offline with personalized and actionable messages. Personalize your SMS with user data to provide exceptional brand experience.

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Web Push Notifications

Re-target customers with web push notifications

Engage with users on desktop and mobile – even when they are not on your site. Use Growlytics’ data driven Web Push campaingns to create unique customer experiences.

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Facebook & Instagram Ads

Re-target customers with facebook and instagram ads

Focus on delivering a more personalized experience without the need to re-create an audience in Facebook. Enhance Facebook targeting with the power of your customer data.

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Google Ads

Re-target your customers with google ads

Sync your customer segments with your Google Ads account. Target your customers on google search, Shopping, Gmail, and Youtube.

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On-site Messages

Popups, Flyouts & Headers

Grow your email & SMS list with popups, flyouts, and other high-converting displays.

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Mobile Push Notifications

Send Personalized mobile push notifications

Reach users that are currently not in your app by delivering messages that attract your user’s attention and get them back into your app.

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Single platform for all our Shopify needs

Growlytics gave us a unique opportunity to do data-driven marketing and retention on 5+ channels for our platform. Earlier, It was very tedious and expensive to use different apps for different marketing needs. With Growlytics, we were able to unify all our marketing efforts into a single platform and get better at managing KPIs.

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CEO, BrownLiving